Friday, October 17, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I cant believe it is already past the middle of October. I love fall so that's not a problem. On Monday i celebrated my 45th birthday. My Dad called and was teasing me about being over the hill. I told him i had bigger hills to climb.

Our round robin blocks were due out on Oct 15 and i finally got them sent out today. Not too bad for me. I had intended on sending it out yesterday, but i got to the Post office just a skosh too late. I tried to make it to the one in the next bigger town, but that wasn't a go either. After i got it all done and the picture put in the middle of it i had this idea? I have a wonderful picture of my grandparents when they were a young married couple that i should of put into it. I may try to print it out and when i get the rr block back, maybe i will try to see if it would go......If not there is always another design opportunity.

I got a midarm quilting machine a couple of months ago and I'm slowly trying to make progress with that. Its frustrating to me some, because i figured i would be better at it than i am. I guess maybe all of us think that way. I have my second quilt on the frame and its very definitely a learning experience. I am not happy with parts of it, but i guess its okay. I guess i was really surprised how much there is to learn about the art of machine/frame quilting.

I have a quilt to do for our guild raffle. We did a log cabin in a streak of lightning pattern. That one we had hand quilted. We had quite a few blocks left over so we made a smaller 60 x 60 lap quilt. That's the one i get to quilt. One of the first things i will do with this quilt is BASTE it. If you baste it it helps to keep its shape and prevents draw in that comes from machine quilting.

Wish me Luck, okay.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Quilt Round Robin

I have been active on the HGTV Chat boards for almost six years. A few years ago we had our first crazy quilt block swap. Most all of us were novices in the art of crazy quilting. We have done several different block swaps since then. We have done everything from blocks to hearts. We recently completed a one to one swap where you told your preferences and your partner made you a block. We are currently working on cq Christmas ornaments for a swap hosted by my friend Nickilee.

In Jan 2007 we did our first cq round robin. There were thirteen ladies that signed up. I organised the round robin. We had three ladies that did two blocks so that we had two groups of eight. Those blocks came home in the summer and most of them are posted in the HGTV Crazy Quilt Round Robin album on the flickr photo site.

In Jan 2008 a group was organized to give basic lessons on crazy quilting. It was organized by Sherry Johnson with all of us veterans helping out by preparing lessons. Initially it was on the chat boards but thanks to Jody Cull it has been moved to

If you have time, go check it out. For people new to crazy quilting there is alot of information that has been amassed there.

On Sept 1, i put out the call for the second annual crazy quilt round robin on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Chat Boards. We have had forty women sign up. I am so surprised that so many want to get in on the fun. I divided the groups into five groups of eight. I tried to get veterans and newbies in each group. I also took into account where the person lives to make the mailing of the blocks easier. Currently we are still in the Making the blocks stage. The ladies were given the guidelines of the block should be at least 18 inches square up to 24 inches square. It could be of any fabrics they chose. Fancies or cottons. Some have gotten their blocks ready to send out and those are posted on the wikipedia site.

The blocks will be sent to the first person in their group on October 15. After that each person will have one month to work on the block and it needs to be in the mail to the next person by the fifteenth of the following month. We will be posting sneak peeks as we go along.

A round robin is a great way to learn more about the art of crazy quilting. It gives you an opportunity to see someone Else's work and to get new ideas. With each block we send a journal. In the journal each person will write about their block and their vision for their block. In turn each person that has worked on the block will write things such as what stitch they used and what thread they used. It really helps to give you an idea why someone did a specific thing. It also gives you a personal link to that person who has worked on your block.

I have my block pieced. I am waiting to print some vintage images to go on the block. I will also be doing a little embellishing on each portion of the block before i send it to the first person. Last year when i got my block back, there wasn't any room for me to do any more embellishing on it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paisley Purse Done

On Monday of this past week i started working on a purse. The before pics are on the previous post. Well i worked at it this week and i got it done. It turned out to be bigger than i had imagined but i love it. I pieced an stitched and beaded the flap. The cq heart on the back was made by my friend Nicki. The silk flowers were made by me using hand dyed ribbon. They were so easy. I couldn't believe how easy they were. I just followed the instructions off of Helen Gibb's basic ribbon work dvd for the flat vintage rose. Then i added my touch to it. One of the trims around the flap of the purse i made myself. I had two skeins on the eyelash yarn in black. One with teal tags and one with brown tags. I used a narrow ribbon and looped both yarns to make a fringy trim. The cream lace on the right side of the flap came off a 1970's wedding dress i salvaged. It had been hanging in a smoker's closet for years and the nicotine ended up giving the dress and lace a yummy golden age to it.

I have been busy working on organizing a Crazy Quilt Round Robin on the HGTV quilters chat board. Well we have forty ladies signed up for it. That's a whole lot. I have them separated out into five groups of eight. There are cq veterans as well as newbies signed up.

The blocks will be sent out to the first person on October 15. It will be very interesting to see everybody's naked blocks.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Back

Well i just looked at my blog and i can't believe its been ten months since i posted on it. I have been meaning to come back and get it updated but hey life gets in the way.

I did real good the first part of the year not starting new projects. Some projects i even worked on. I'm not sure i completed any though. I do have one quilt on the frame that i pieced last year so that is at least progress.

I'm still crazy quilting but i found some other interests. In May i ordered a midarm quilting machine and i finally got it in august. I have had it set up for about a month and the second quilt is on it. I didn't realize there would be so much to learn about them, but more on that at a later date.

I have been buying books on purses for about the last two years. I'm not sure why because i am really not into purses. Last year i made one for a small quilted items auction that our guild was involved with and hadn't made another one.....that is until this week. Ive gotten caught up in the teal and brown craze and i found this paisley fabric. Here are some pics of the purse in progress. I need to bead on the crazy quilted flap then i should be ready to put it together. The heart on the back was made for me by Nickilee off of Nickilee's Ravioli Dreams blog.

More tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Well we survived Thanksgiving. We went to my Dad's for lunch and then Father in laws for supper. I only did a small amount of cooking which was ok by me. Both my sons were able to make both dinners. We had a good time and ate too much, but all in all an enjoyable day.

My son Brinn leaves for Guam in the morning. He flies out at 5:30 am. I will be getting up at 0'dark thirty to take him to the airport. He has to be there at 4:30 and its at least two hours to get there. Not much sleep tonight.

I'm doing ok right now, but by tomorrow night i will be a bawling mess. I know him going is what he wants, but its hard to let him leave. He wont be home agian until Christmas 2008. That sure seems like a long time to me.

I need to get busy on a few projects. I have a one block swap that i need to peice. Its due on dec 1, and i havent even started on it. I will try to get it don on sunday so i can do all the stitching on it at work this next week. Thats my last swap obligation for the year and it wont take long. I have made a decision not to do may swaps next year. I get caught up in the swaps and then i dont get things finished. I started making a list of UFO's i need to work on and it was over 15 projects. I think i need to get busy on them.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My son is home

My son is home. He is doing a permanent duty station change and it home on leave. He will be going to Guam by the end of the month. He had his car with him in Connecticut, so i flew out to Boston and helped him to drive home. It gave us a couple of more days to spend together, and it kept him from trying to drive it all alone. I know people do it all the time, but 1400 miles is a ways to do by your self.

I flew into Boston on thursday. An internet friend picked me up from the airport. Nicki and I have been internet friends for about two years, but had never met. She met my plane and then we spent a wonderful afternoon together before meeting up with my son in the evening. She took me to the most wonderful fabric shop in Boston. The place had the most gorgeous fabric one could want for crazy quilting. It also had cottons and trims and laces too. I bought several different trimms and also i bought 20 yards of silk cording. I plan on dying that to use as i need it. I foundthe most beautiful flocked velvet that i ended up buying. it is a dark chocolate brown with darker brown flowers on it. I plan on making a jacket out of it. I bought 3 yards cause i couldnt remember what the pattern took and i definately wanted to have enuf.. I will take a picture of the fabby later and show you.

I have been working extra hours this past few weeks. Normally i only work part time. One week on and one week off. The other gal that i work with has had a family medical problem and will not be coming back to the job. I really hate to lose her and i hate for what she is going thru. I also dont want to try and find another person to fill her place. We worked well together and it will be hard to find someone. We have worked together over 2 years, and she also worked for me years ago when i had my own business.

I need to get to bed so i can work in the morning.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just Catching Up

Well, I'm just trying to catch up again. I'm so very glad September is over. I had a month from he##. It started the first part of the month with a quilt show. That same weekend, a friend from the Marine Corps was in town, but i couldn't get away to meet up with her. Her kids still live in Nebraska so i know we will have time to catch up soon. It seemed as if i had too many deadlines and not enuf time to get the stuff done. I was working on Baltimore Album blocks and stayed up until 3:30am to get them in the mail to make it to the swap destination by the deadline. I love the blocks, but i definitely stressed too much over them. It seems like i stressed too much about these blocks so i have decided to cut back on my swaps.

This month has been a little better. Not so many deadlines. I am still working on quilting a quilt for money. I decided i needed to work on it pretty regularly so that i can get it done. I had wanted to get it done way before now, but it didn't work out. My husband says i better get it done before the lady dies. She's 82. Shes in good health, but you never know what can happen. I have it over 1/2 done so i will keep plugging away.

I have been working on some crazy quilt blocks for a swap. I'm only doing six this time. It is so great to be able to stitch again. I have two virtually completed, and the other four are in various stages of embellishment. Most of the time when i work on a block, i work at one block until it is done. This time i am kinda working on all the blocks at the same time. This works because i have been taking them to work and doing the stitching on them. Most evenings Ive been quilting. Another new thing for these blocks is that most of them are monochromatic. Usually i like to shake up my stitching colors and embellishments, but these are more tame.

In 22 days my son will be home on leave from the Navy. I can hardly wait. He will have two weeks at home then he will do a permanent change of station and will be going to Guam. He will be there for five years. I'm not real happy about him going thousands of miles away, but he could be going to the Persian gulf. He will be on a sub, so who knows for sure where he will actually be. One of the things about subs, is that there is virtually no contact when they are out to sea.

The ladies from the HGTV crazy quilt group have made me a patriotic cq. I was so shocked when i received it in the mail. They did this to help me deal with both of my sons going in the service(the youngest is in the delayed entry for the air force and will leave in Jan). I cant believe how beautiful this block is. There were 11 ladies involved and it went all over the U S to be embellished. Each lady journaled their additions to it. That's is one of the best parts is reading the meaning behind the embellishments. The only addition i plan to make is to print Brinn and Corey's service pictures onto fabric and adding to the wall hanging. I will also be adding a border and backing to it. I plan on putting a little pocket on the backing so i can put the journal with the quilt .